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Reducing the Harmful Effects of Moisture & Odor
Press Release - December 10,  2010

Dateline: Hollywood, Florida

Florida based E-Wize Marketing 4 U, a company that specializes in consumer driven niche products announced today the launch of their new odor & moisture-absorbing product called Zeelytes™. Considered to be one of the premier commercial absorbents is now available for home use through E-Wize Marketing.

Zeelytes™ is a porous structured material that is mined from the earth and can accommodate a wide variety of molecular absorption and purification properties. Extremely beneficial when used with window air conditioning units to cut down on unwanted moisture and condensation. When used in forced air heating & cooling units, Zeelytes™ can reduce odors and musty smells, along with unwanted moisture.

The product is also beneficial in common household applications. Zeelytes™ helps to absorb unwanted odors and bacteria in the refrigerator with the added benefit of leaving it smelling fresh and clean. Zeelytes™ is better than baking soda on a variety of levels, with ease of use being at the top of the list. Zeelytes™ in your refrigerator can also help to reduce the cost running and extend the life of your refrigerator. Moisture forces your refrigerator to work harder, and it also quickens food deterioration. Zeelytes™ reduces this moisture, and not only slows down food decay but it reduces your energy costs by allowing your refrigerator to operate more efficiently. Zeelytes™ have many other uses in the home including bathrooms, under sinks, garages, pet areas, basements, shoes, closets, laundry room, etc.

Zeelytes™ comes in convenient ½ pound and one-pound pouches that can be either hung with the supplied hood or placed in the area that you would like to reduce moisture, condensation & odors.

Zeelytes™ is economical and is environmentally friendly; when you are through using in your home you can just simply pour into your garden or plant and mix into the soil. It is not harmful to the environment or to pets.

E-Wize Marketing has started their campaign with the website and will start pushing product into select retail outlets mid-first quarter 2011. Zeelytes™ is currently available online at

For more information Contact:
e Wize Marketing 4 U, LLC
Loren Van Dusseldorp
Hollywood, FL 33020
Phone: 954-923-7000

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